Misfits & Miscreants: An Oral History of Canadian Punk Rock (2018)

I was a teenage doorman at Toronto's first all ages Punk Club. It was also the place the Wasagas played so many of their shows during the early 80s. Nothing but trouble. Buy the book...

Surfy X-mas

Wishing all our friends an excellent Holiday Season and looking forward to a productive New Year.

Alone and Gone: The Story of Toronto's Post Punk Underground - BOOK

‘Alone And Gone’ is a book based around the photographs of Simon and Nick White. This period (1978 – 1983) is widely credited as being the ‘Post Punk’ years. Bands such as The Rheostatics, The Vital Sines, Breeding Ground, Kinetic Ideals, The Sturm Group, The Dave Howard Singers, Youth Youth Youth, Rent Boys and your lovable WASAGAS all released their home produced basement recordings on cassette tape, which was the cheaper alternative to vinyl.

It seems that Nick Smash's book about Toronto's Post Punk days is now SOLD OUT.

Nov 27, 2017 Wasagas LP #1 on Surf Rock Radio

After entering the charts at #2, the LP Return of the Wasagas has reached #1 in its second week in rotation. As well the single Surfin a Go Go hit #2 in the singles chart and the band hit #2 band popularity chart.      Crazy man, Crazy !

Check out the LP HERE


WOW  Episode 60 of the SURFPHONY OF DERSTRUCTION 2000 is a full 2 hour interview about the Wasagas wild past and present.  Have a listen to the strangest band history in Surf Music ever !!!


REVIEW by Storm Surge of Reverb

Another positive review from this respected Surf Music Blog...

...this is a damn fine instro record. Their sound is modern trad -- not sounding terribly close to a 60's California record but with a melodic focus and not too many gimmicks.


First LP review from Slam Reviews

Our first review from Shakin' Katz - Slam reviews

From the opening intro to the final track this is one refreshing and fun ride that maintains a stout groove.Highlights include: "Surfin' A Go-Go" , " Boogie Board ", " Spaghetti Summer" and "Ain't Gunna Crash"


Wasagas are on BandCamp

Since the release is delayed getting onto I-tunes and Amazon please check ou availability on Bandcamp.

OCT 28, 2017 - Return of the Wasagas LP release and Halloween party

This past October 28th the Wasagas were joined by the Men in Gray Suits from Montreal and members of the Surfrajettes at the Cadillac Lounge in Toronto for their LP release, the place was packed, the costumes were crazy and the SURF was dripping in reverb!

AUG 1, 2017 - NESMA interview

Another cool interview about the Wasagas for NESMA , the North East Surf Music Alliance.


JUL 14 2017 - Search for Reverb in Canada

A nice Wasagas interview about Canadian Surf Bands with Franky Sands from Surf Rock Radio about our history and gear.