Wasaga Run / Dawn Patrol - 7" Picture Disc - 2018

A limited edition for Record Store Day.

A side - new version of Wasaga Run with a nice picture of the original band from 1981.  
B side -  Dawn Patrol - NOT ON the Return of the Wasgas LP. 

Also included is a download card for the Return of the Wasagas LP.  

Return of the Wasagas - 2017

  1. Wasagas Theme
  2. Surfin’ a Go-Go
  3. Oceanside
  4. Wasaga Run
  5. Twelve Year Surf Itch
  6. Boogie Board
  7. End of the Summer
  8. In the Shadows
  9. Ain’t Gunna Crash
  10. Longboarding
  11. Spaghetti Summer
  12. Pet Cemetary
  13. Wasaga Showdown
  14. Wasaga Run ’81

Original Surf Punk Recordings - 2014

  1. Wasaga Showdown
  2. Cutting the Edge 
  3. Twelve Year Surf Itch
  4. Hey Chiwawa
  5. Wasaga Run
  6. First Time Out
  7. Buzz Beat
  8. Sharks and Swimmers
  9. Psychedelic Summer
  10. Middle of the Wave


Smash on CD - 2017

Smash It Up fanzine is back with their 1st ever CD, re-discovering Toronto's Post-Punk music scene.

Smash '83 - 1983 cassette

Smash It Up fanzine's 25th issue and 2nd cassette zine continuing to promote Toronto's Post-Punk music scene

Oral Aural Smash - 1982 cassette

Smash It Up fanzine's 24th issue and first cassette zine featuring Toronto's Post-Punk music scene.